America’s addiction to prescription drugs

One common theme that is seen by your Gainesville chiropractor, Dr. Hudson,  among patients is a desire to get out of pain while avoiding the use of either over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications. The over use of pain killers has been a steady and growing problem in our country. This is one problem chiropractic patients typically want to avoid. The number of people addicted to prescription opioids as well as the number of overdoses related to their use are on the rise and reaching alarming levels. So what can be done?

Many people are introduced to opioids as pain management following surgical procedures. There is a growing movement in the medical field to try to limit the number of opioids. For instance the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia in Nashville has been one such institution that is looking to reduce the use of opioids by using a nerve block technique rather than traditional drugs during surgical procedures. No doubt it will take time for techniques such as this to gain traction and spread through the medical community, but it is encouraging none the less to see the advancement of new techniques aimed at curbing the problems associated with over use of opioids.

Obviously chiropractic care is not a cure all but it is a choice made by a great many patients for acute and chronic pain. Are you looking to get relief from back pain without taking drugs that only mask the symptoms but don’t address the underlying cause? If so maybe chiropractic is for you. Diet, regular exercise and chiropractic care can all be part of your healthy lifestyle. So don’t live with nagging pain. Don’t put off taking care of yourself! Call and schedule with your local Gainesville chiropractor today. Get on the path of living a healthy lifestyle without pain today.

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