Think Global, Eat Local

There are many components to living a healthy lifestyle: diet, exercise, spinal health, strategies for coping with stress to name just a few. Today we are going to focus more on the first of these diet. People are becoming much more aware of the products they buy (where they come from, what has been added to them etc) than they were in days gone by, especially when these products are the food they eat.

Many people do not realize that a mere 10 companies control most of the worlds food supply. Yes you read that correctly!! You can count the number of companies that control the food supply for most of the entire world on your fingers. This can perhaps be better illustrated in a visual way as seen in the graphic below. Take a moment and let this sink in.

10 Companies that own world food brands. Image courtesy of the Huffington Post.

This fact carries with it consequences. More foods are processed and contain more additives as they need to extend shelf life to accommodate longer shipping times and warehousing prior to finding their way onto store shelves. This can have consequences for our health as well weather it be allergies to food dyes or increased consumption of high fructose corn syrup or sodium intake.

So what can you do if it is virtually impossible to avoid these 10 global companies? Well avoid the inner isles at the supermarket as much as possible where most of the boxed and heavily processed foods are located. However, even in your supermarkets produce section you have lots of produce that is sprayed with coloring agents to make fruits and vegetables that were picked too soon look ripe and inviting. One thing you can do is try to shop more locally for produce at local farmers markets or food co-ops in your area. Here in the Gainesville/Ocala area one such place is Places such as these allow you to support local farmers and get a healthier, more flavorful product for your family.

Also keep up your spinal health by visiting your Gainesville chiropractor regularly. After all proper spinal alignment is a key part of health and can affect other systems throughout the body. Pain is not the only reason to see your Gainesville chiropractor. So don’t wait call and schedule today. Nothing is more important than your health.

Hydrate in the Heat

Summer temperatures have been in overdrive for a while now. Gainesville has had temperatures in the mid 90’s  and heat indexes reaching triple digits for weeks on end now. How can we exercise and live a healthy lifestyle and beat the at the same time?

In heat like we experience here in Gainesville heatstroke is real danger but can be avoided by taking some simple precautions. However, don’t let the heat keep you from living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise in the early morning, late evening or indoors. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Most of us are dehydrated already and this likely further exacerbated by the heat. Drinking lots of water is key to good health let the heat get you in this good habit drinking ample amounts of water.

What else can I do to to live a healthy lifestyle while staying out of the heat? Regular stretching can go a long way keeping you trim and fit if it is too hot for vigorous outdoor activity. Focus on exercises that strengthen your core. Also don’t forget to keep up your spinal health with regular visits to your chiropractor. Our bodies perform best and when we have good spinal health. Call your Gainesville chiropractor today and start living a better, healthier life today.

Pain free without pills

Don’t suffer with pain. Painkillers are not the answer to your neck or back pain. Choose a lifestyle that leads to spinal health, choose a chiropractic lifestyle.

America is becoming increasingly addicted to prescription drugs which is leading to an epidemic among young people. Increasingly people are of the mindset and mentality that a pill is the answer to all their problems. If you watch television for any length of time you can see why. TV advertising is loaded with big pharma pushing pills to treat almost anything and everything.

Obviously prescription medicine has a time and a place, however, prescription drugs are seemingly being doled out at an alarming rate. Don’t be one of those who turns to painkillers for your neck and back pain. There is a better way.

Ask yourself the tough questions. What is causing your pain? Are you sitting in an un-ergonomic position all day at work? Is your mattress old and need replacing? Do you practice good form to avoid injury at the gym? These are the questions you need to ask, not just pop a pill for relief and avoid what is causing the problem. Sure it is quicker and easier to just “take something” but that isn’t solving anything.

Painkillers will simply mask the pain you are feeling and thus are a bandaid to the underlying problem. Spinal health is the only way to true relief of your pain. Visit your local Gainesville chiropractor today if you are experiencing pain. You can alleviate these symptoms by getting proper spinal alignment, improving your posture, exercising without resorting to perpetually taking painkillers.

Don’t suffer in pain. But don’t just medicate to solve the problem either. Call your local Gainesville chiropractor today and start yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic can help you achieve spinal health and a life that is both pain free and pill free.

Fitness is a lifestyle

There are many components to living a healthy lifestyle. Certainly here at your local Gainesville chiropractor’s office spinal health tops the list of keys to living a healthy lifestyle. But spinal health is just a piece of the puzzle. Diet and exercise are also two huge keys to the puzzle that is living healthy.

Now obviously the word diet conjures up all sorts ideas about the “diet of the moment”. It seems these fad diets come along all the time but today we are talking about general diet and more specifically what you can do to regulate your metabolism and body mass. Mind you there is much more to a healthy diet than regulating your metabolism but a recent article serves to tackle some myths about metabolism. New studies will dispel what we have long held to be common sense about how our metabolism works and what affects it. Take the time to brush up on your metabolism knowledge. After all knowledge is power.

Learn your body. Learn how what you eat and how you exercise resonates with your other lifestyle choices. Become a master of your metabolism!!! Living a healthy lifestyle is about being fit and pain free so you can get the most out of life.

Don’t suffer with back or neck pain. No matter how well we watch what we eat, how hard we exercise and train our bodies; everyone must also maintain good spinal health. Excellent spinal health can be the key to feeling more energetic, pain free and getting the most out of life.

Don’t suffer silently in pain. Help is just a phone call away. Call you local Gainesville chiropractor today to address your spinal health. After all chiropractic is the key to maintaining a high standard of spinal health and one you should not overlook. Call your local Gainesville chiropractor today to make your appointment.

Another reason to visit your Gainesville chiropractor

Add one more reason to the list of why you should visit your local Gainesville chiropractor regularly. Are you a heavy user of your smart phone or other digital devices? If so studies show that you maybe stressing your cervical spine or giving yourself “texting neck.”

There seems to be some evidence that repeatedly checking your smart phone or using your digital devices for long periods of time leads to poor ergonomics and extra strain on your cervical spine that really adds up over time.

So what can you do? Let’s face it you aren’t going to give up your digital devices anytime soon so having your cervical spine adjust regularly seems like the best option outside of cutting your usage. So if you are having problems with your cervical spine don’t wait. Call and make your appointment with your local Gainesville chiropractor today.

Get a posture analysis

Have those Gators got you down? Don’t slouch, stand tall!! Visit your local Gainesville chiropractor to get a posture analysis. Learn how getting those shoulders back and that head up can improve your overall spinal health.

Firing football coaches won’t make you feel better but improving your spinal health will. You can live a pain free. Don’t wait and call today to make your appointment with your local Gainesville chiropractor today.


The mental aspect of chiropractic treatment

While back pain ranks right up there with tooth pain, often patients report that the mental frustration associated with their pain is just as debilitating as the physical pain. Pain certainly can cause people to seek treatment, however, usually people will try to cope with pain longer than you’d think. What usually causes people to seek help is that they see the effect the pain has on their life and the frustration that follows.

Not being able to perform the necessary daily activities or just things you enjoy doing is often the last straw. Ironically the very frustration that causes many people to initially seek treatment is also the biggest impediment to getting better. When you are frustrated it is difficult to stay the course with your treatment plan. It is natural that when you feel frustrated by sleepless nights or chronic pain you want a quick fix.

It is important to realize that in most cases we didn’t suffer a sudden loss of wellness or spinal health. Since this loss of spinal health usually took place over some extended period of time in most cases it takes time to restore spinal health. There is no quick fix or magic bullet. Chiropractic is a process that leads to better spinal health and a pain free lifestyle.

Patients who are able to stay focused on the positive and accept that restoring spinal health can take time are usually the ones who see the most benefit. Sometimes progress is slow initially or is a “two step forward, one step back” pace. Thus, it is key to seek treatment before you have let both your physical and mental situation deteriorate too far.

Don’t wait. Don’t live with pain. Do something about your spinal health today. If you don’t take care of yourself who will? Call your Gainesville chiropractor today.


Regular treatment schedules key to success

Treating with your local Gainesville chiropractor is different than visiting your primary care physician.

While you may only need to see your primary care physician a few times every 6 to 12 months, treating with a chiropractor can be different if you are dealing with acute back or neck pain. Restoring good spinal health after an injury can mean regular visits perhaps several times a week while the patient is in the acute phase. Visit frequency can then be reduced as the patient begins to improve and hold their adjustments.

Often once the spine has been misaligned for some period, it must be “re-trained”. The musculature of the spine may have been stretched or shortened over time to accept the positioning of the vertebrae and regular chiropractic manipulation may be needed for adjustments to hold. Much like going to the gym regularly to train your muscles, chiropractic treatment’s key to success usually involves regular visits on a treatment plan until spinal health has been restored.

Don’t suffer with pain. Choose a healthy and pain free lifestyle today. Call your local Gainesville chiropractor today and begin the path to spinal wellness.

Did you know your Chiropractor….

Did you know that your Gainesville chiropractor takes continuing education courses every year to stay up on the latest techniques and developments? Chiropractors in the state of Florida are required to take 20 hours of continuing education every year in order to keep their license current.

Chiropractors routinely take continuing education (CE) courses in a wide range of topics such as extremity adjusting, adjunctive therapy,  and nutrition. This allows your chiropractor to stay current on the latest trends in healthcare in order to better advise you of your treatment options. This also ensures that your local Gainesville chiropractor is up on the latest techniques to best serve you.

Are you in pain?  A healthier more active lifestyle is just a phone call away. Don’t wait schedule a visit with your Gainesville chiropractor today!

Extremity Adjustments

When people think of a chiropractor, they generally think of getting relief from back pain. Many people however don’t realize that chiropractic manipulation can be performed on extremities as well. Often people do not know where to turn for these sort of extremity issues and end up treating these issues with simple over the counter pain medicines. People looking to avoid taking these pain medicines for chronic type pains would do well to consider visiting their local Gainesville chiropractor.

The pelvis, shoulders, knees, elbows etc can all be adjusted thru chiropractic manipulation to correct misalignments that can result in pain and decreased range of motion or help correct postural issues.

Don’t suffer with chronic pain consult your chiropractor today!