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Another reason to visit your Gainesville chiropractor

December 1, 2014
Add one more reason to the list of why you should visit your local Gainesville chiropractor regularly. Are you a heavy user of your smart phone or other digital devices? If so studies show that you maybe stressing your cervical spine or giving yourself “texting neck.” There seems to be some evidence that repeatedly checking your smart phone or using your digital devices for long periods of time leads to poor ergonomics and extra strain on your cervical spine that… Read the rest

Get a posture analysis

October 23, 2014
Have those Gators got you down? Don’t slouch, stand tall!! Visit your local Gainesville chiropractor to get a posture analysis. Learn how getting those shoulders back and that head up can improve your overall spinal health. Firing football coaches won’t make you feel better but improving your spinal health will. You can live a pain free. Don’t wait and call today to make your appointment with your local Gainesville chiropractor today.  … Read the rest

The mental aspect of chiropractic treatment

October 17, 2013
While back pain ranks right up there with tooth pain, often patients report that the mental frustration associated with their pain is just as debilitating as the physical pain. Pain certainly can cause people to seek treatment, however, usually people will try to cope with pain longer than you’d think. What usually causes people to seek help is that they see the effect the pain has on their life and the frustration that follows. Not being able to perform the… Read the rest

Regular treatment schedules key to success

September 24, 2013
Treating with your local Gainesville chiropractor is different than visiting your primary care physician. While you may only need to see your primary care physician a few times every 6 to 12 months, treating with a chiropractor can be different if you are dealing with acute back or neck pain. Restoring good spinal health after an injury can mean regular visits perhaps several times a week while the patient is in the acute phase. Visit frequency can then be reduced… Read the rest

Did you know your Chiropractor….

July 25, 2013
Did you know that your Gainesville chiropractor takes continuing education courses every year to stay up on the latest techniques and developments? Chiropractors in the state of Florida are required to take 20 hours of continuing education every year in order to keep their license current. Chiropractors routinely take continuing education (CE) courses in a wide range of topics such as extremity adjusting, adjunctive therapy,  and nutrition. This allows your chiropractor to stay current on the latest trends in healthcare… Read the rest

Extremity Adjustments

June 4, 2013
When people think of a chiropractor, they generally think of getting relief from back pain. Many people however don’t realize that chiropractic manipulation can be performed on extremities as well. Often people do not know where to turn for these sort of extremity issues and end up treating these issues with simple over the counter pain medicines. People looking to avoid taking these pain medicines for chronic type pains would do well to consider visiting their local Gainesville chiropractor.… Read the rest

Chiropractic could help lower the cost of healthcare

March 1, 2013
Time magazine did a cover feature on the costs of healthcare and why these costs continue to rise so dramatically. You can read the full article here. The article details how hospitals, prescription medication, and medical equipment manufacturers are driving costs of healthcare ever higher. What could we do to help stem the rise of the cost of healthcare? Well for starters we could practice health care and not sick care. In our current system, we wait for illness… Read the rest

Chiropractic Apps for a healthier spine

December 3, 2012
If you can think of it there seems to be an app for it!!! That is the world we live in today. This rich sea of seemingly endless apps can be extremely empowering no matter your interests but can also be beneficial to your spine. Chiropractic is no exception to having these specialized apps. While most of these apps are intended to be used by chiropractic professionals, many are simple enough to be understood and used by mere mortals who… Read the rest

Chiropractic lifestyle

October 16, 2012
Often when we think of focusing more on our fitness and living a healthier lifestyle, we start to think of diet and exercise. Rarely, however, do most people think of their spinal health when they think of overall lifestyle choices and health. Spinal health and the maintenance of spinal health through chiropractic care is another lifestyle choice that can promote overall better wellness and quality of life. It is often when we talk about healthcare (what we really mean is… Read the rest

Child athletes can benefit from chiropractic

September 10, 2012
The tragic story like of the Tulane’s Devon Walker has grabbed headlines throughout the country. In case you don’t follow the ins and outs of college football outside of what goes on with the Florida football team, Walker suffered a fractured spine after a hit in Saturday’s game with Tulsa. While this is an extreme and thankfully rare injury, the kinds of violent collisions that young athletes (particularly football players…. Arkansas’ Tevin Mitchel was involved in a similar collision) endure… Read the rest