Exercise Therapy and Pilates

Gator Family Chiropractic provides exercise therapy and Pilates for rehabilitation and continued wellness for our patients. The main goal is to strengthen core muscles, as weak muscle groups are prone to injury. Strengthening these muscle groups will prevent future pain and injury in our patients.

We have several options for exercise therapy, including:

  • Thera-Band Systems – a popular brand of resistance training tools that are used to rehabilitate and restore muscle and joint functions.

  • Light or Low-Weight Body Resistance – a way to build strength in the body without the stress and impact of heavy weights.

  • Floor Exercises – simple exercises that patients can learn to do at home.

Pilates is an exercise system that builds the strength and flexibility of the body, as well as increases endurance and coordination the legs, abdominals, arms, and back.

Once you have progressed out of the acute pain stage of your therapy plan, exercise therapy and Pilates can rebuild muscles and maintain the progress towards wellness that you made during chiropractic care.

Exercise therapy and Pilates sessions are one hour long.