Nighttime light giving you the Blues?

It seems we learn everyday about something new that can affect our health and wellbeing. For instance, did you know that according to many studies and Harvard Medical School nighttime light from artificial sources can significantly affect our health and mood? Not only can artificial light negatively impact our health but blue light has the greatest detrimental impact.

Nighttime light exposure has been linked to many diseases such as sleep disorders, diabetes and even cancers. Why you ask? It seems that exposure to nighttime light can suppress the production of melatonin which can throw of the circadian rhythms, body’s clock, making it difficult to fall asleep when you should.

What can you do to help cut down on this light exposure or minimize it’s affect? Much of our exposure comes from use of our electronic devices such as computers, phones or tablets. The screens on these devices use flat panel technology like many power efficient bulbs that produce that skews to the blue side of the spectrum. If you can’t give up your devices consider using an app that can color shift your screen color at night to reduce exposure to blue light. Apple’s latest version of iOS has a similar feature built in that can color shift the display once the sun sets. If you work at night and can’t avoid exposure, experts also suggest using a pair of glasses that filter out blue light or using red lights.

Living a healthy lifestyle includes so much, but we can now add limiting nighttime light exposure to the list. While we are always learning something new it is also important to remember what we already know.

Living a healthy lifestyle is made up of many things like eating a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and of course good spinal health. For the later of course don’t wait call today and schedule to see your local Gainesville chiropractor. Get on the road to a wellness lifestyle that keeps your body working as efficiently as possible.


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