Pain free without pills

Don’t suffer with pain. Painkillers are not the answer to your neck or back pain. Choose a lifestyle that leads to spinal health, choose a chiropractic lifestyle.

America is becoming increasingly addicted to prescription drugs which is leading to an epidemic among young people. Increasingly people are of the mindset and mentality that a pill is the answer to all their problems. If you watch television for any length of time you can see why. TV advertising is loaded with big pharma pushing pills to treat almost anything and everything.

Obviously prescription medicine has a time and a place, however, prescription drugs are seemingly being doled out at an alarming rate. Don’t be one of those who turns to painkillers for your neck and back pain. There is a better way.

Ask yourself the tough questions. What is causing your pain? Are you sitting in an un-ergonomic position all day at work? Is your mattress old and need replacing? Do you practice good form to avoid injury at the gym? These are the questions you need to ask, not just pop a pill for relief and avoid what is causing the problem. Sure it is quicker and easier to just “take something” but that isn’t solving anything.

Painkillers will simply mask the pain you are feeling and thus are a bandaid to the underlying problem. Spinal health is the only way to true relief of your pain. Visit your local Gainesville chiropractor today if you are experiencing pain. You can alleviate these symptoms by getting proper spinal alignment, improving your posture, exercising without resorting to perpetually taking painkillers.

Don’t suffer in pain. But don’t just medicate to solve the problem either. Call your local Gainesville chiropractor today and start yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic can help you achieve spinal health and a life that is both pain free and pill free.

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