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“I have lived in Gainesville close to 30 years. I am retired Army Special Forces, and spent 47 years with the Fire Department. First in Tampa Fire, and then retired with Alachua City Fire Department in 2007. As a man, we think we will always be able to walk tall and make our own way. In 2007, I was injured in the hospital, and with in 8 minutes my life was never the same again. I had several more surgeries over the year, and developed a lower back problem. I could not walk from my front door to our car. Again the surgeons only offered surgery as an option.

I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Deb Hudson from some good friends. Dr. Hudson gave me hope that I had not felt in years. It was not a bone problem that required surgery, but a muscle and nerve problem in my lower back. After several treatments with Dr. Hudson it was a miracle that came true. No longer did i have severe pain in my lower back. My lower back was stronger, but also my legs and hips. My balance has improved tremendously, I am now able to walk in the mall etc.

I am thankful for doctors such as Dr. Hudson. My family can not believe the difference it has made in my life. My friends have been able to see a new me every day.”

Edward Noland